About Studio One Massage Therapy:

In today's world, successfully managing stressful situations is an increasingly more important skill for everyone to possess. Massage therapy is a non-pharmaceutical antidote to stress, both physically and emotionally.

Receiving regular bodywork can help reduce:

- high blood pressure

- chronic pain

- incidence of headaches and repetitive strain injuries

- stress, tension and general muscle achiness

while fostering an environment in which the healing mechanisms of the body work optimally to increase circulation, range of motion, comfort and overall well being.

In an injury situation, it is common to partner massage therapy with traditional medical and chiropractic treatment. A few visits may be necessary in order to normalize the disrupted tissues. Once all dysfunctions have been normalized, adding massage to your monthly routine can help you maintain optimal health and prevent further injury.

At Studio One Massage Therapy, we strive to exceed client expectations. Our mission is to provide top quality massage therapy and body work each and every treatment session you receive.

Clients are encouraged to use the time on the table for themselves. Should you have any questions prior to, during or after your massage, please feel free to ask them. Maryanne will check in periodically to make sure the pressure being used and the environment are appropriate and comfortable.



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